The Roaches - Peak District


Time: 3 hours

Start Point: The Roaches Tea room


Route Map:


The Roaches are one of beautiful and greatly crafted rocky hills in North Staffordhire.

A jagged edge of the Roaches gives beautiful views over the entire region around. From many places on top of the Roaches you get a full 360 degrees vista.

This walk offers fantastic views and the route that is not difficult except for a few places.

How do I get there?

A good starting point is parking alongside the road just above Upper Hulme on the road that runs parallel to the Roaches. There is quite a lot of parking by the road near the Roaches Tea room.

Here's a map with the location:

The Route

After parking follow the road up the hill to the gate where you enter the path which leads to the pass between the Roaches and Hen Cloud.

Follow the path and soon, just before you reach the pass between these two hills, you can turn left and start walking alongside the ridge of the Roaches.

On a good day there will be a lot of climbers, the Roaches seem to be a very popular climbing and bouldering place, as you can see on the picture below:

The Roaches

As you follow the path just below the ridge of the Roaches, you will soon get into a bit of a forest (a small one) and shortly after that there'll be a path crossing your paths which you can take to climb onto the top of the Roaches.

There's a bit of a climb to the ridge but it's not difficult:

The Roaches

Once you reach the ridge of the Roaches, it should be about 1h-1h15min from your parking, it's all going to be an easy walk with beautiful views all around you.

As you walk along the ridge, behind you you get a beautiful view towards the Hen Cloud (pictured here):

Hen Cloud

View towards the Hen Cloud from the Roaches

From now on, you just follow the path on top of the ridge and after about 30-45min you should get to the end of the ridge.

There are loads of rocks all around you as you walk on the ridge so there is a lot for rock lovers:

From here, you can go back following the ridge (easy walk) and go all the way to the beginning of the Roaches (to take a slightly different route) and at the beginning, getting there shouldn't take you more than 30-45min, you start a decline towards the pass between the Roaches and Hen Cloud.

The Roaches

View from the Roaches towards the Hen Cloud

Getting from the top of the ridge to the pass is quite steep going down so take it easy, it shouldn't take more than about 15-20min. From the pass it's just going down to the gate by the road and from there back to your car.