Malvern Hills


Time: 3 hours

Start Point: Worcester road, Malvern


Route Map:


Malvern Hills are probably the closest I can get to my mountains back home. Bottom part of the mountains is deep forest and just the top is bare unlike in other mountains in the UK which are basically all bare with hardly any trees.

There are many possibilities for start and the best place will be Great Malvern with plenty of parking places (many of which are limited to 2 hours of parking). If you want to park for longer you'll need to park in one of car parks. I've used one in the past - Priory Road car park - as I could charge my car while hiking but last time I was there all chargers were not working...

This hike offers fantastic views from the top (and apparently a great place for picnics as I noticed last time I was there).

How do I get there?

If you come later in the afternoon or on Sunday you can park on the main road and access the route straight from there.

Here's a map with the location of my starting point in Malvern:

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The Route

If you park on the main road, head in northern direction (away from the town centre) and after a few minutes trun left into a steep path (very dark early in the afternoon) to enter the trail.

Here's the photo of what the path looked like in early afternoon:


And here's the image of the route (click on the image to see the full scale of the route):

There's a bit of a climb to the ridge but it's not difficult, most of the time it's quite easy:

Malvern hills

It's a very nice relaxing walk for most of the time initially. Once you get closer to North Hill it gets steeper because you'll be getting on top the ridge that takes you through all Malvern Hills.

After starting from Malvern in about 30min you reach these rocks (you'll be turning right before these rocks if you want to go through North Hill (397m)).

Malvern Hills rocks

This is the path you take just before the rocks:

Rocks by Malvern Hills

After passing by the rocks and turning right, you will soon get out of the forest and into the open space with beautiful views around you (towards east)

But just before you get to the open space the path will get a bit steeper with some nice curves on the path:

Malvern Hills trail

But it's all worth it. It's worth amazing views you get from North Hill.

You're reaching North Hill (397m) in about an hour from start.

This is North Hill and view towards Malvern (to the east) shot from the drone:

North Hill in Malverns

View from the Roaches towards the Hen Cloud

From here you can see the entire trail leading towards Worcestershire Beacon (425m - highest peak here) and Summer Hill would be behind it:

And here's the view of North Hill from above:

North Hill from above

In about 30min you'll reach Worcestershire Beacon (quite an easy walk) and then quickly and easily Summer Hill. As I walked down from Worcestershire Beacon towards Summer Hill  I found something quite strange... road made from asphalt...

Summer Hill, Malverns

This is the view towards Summer Hill descending from Worcestershire Beacon (Summer Hill is the one with the road around it but I took the path straight through the top of the hill). The road you see around Summer Hill is the one made from asphalt...