Four Stones - Clent Hills


Time: 1 hour

Start Point: Hagley Wood Lane



Four Stones and the rest of Clent Hills are a very nice spot for someone who wants to get away from the crowds in cities and spend some time with the nature and not do too much walking/climbing.

Clent Hills are located just off Birmingham, within easy reach but you'll need a car to get there.

How do I get there?

A good starting point is Hagley Wood Lane just below the Four Stones - you can find a link to the map with the location on the top of the page.

There is a National Trust cafe where you can park for a fee (about £2.50-3). You can also park just on the side of the road at Hagley Wood Lane or if there are no spaces there drive to the right (going from the National Trust parking) and slightly down the hill and there's quite a lot of parking on the side of the road at St Kenelms Pass.

Here's a map with the location:

The Route

It's a very relaxing walk with fantastic views and just a bit of walking up the hill.

You can start from Hagley Wood Lane just outside the parking outside National Trust cafe (called Nimmings Wood Cafe).

The route starts there and guides you up the hill through a beautiful forest.

Here's a picture of what the route initially looks like (about the first 15-20min):

Clent Hills forest


After about 20min you get to the top and it gets quite easy and you're actually on the top of the range here with some very small ascents and descents here and there.

And there are benches from time to time so you can relax, like the one below:

Clent Hills

After about another 10min of a relaxing walk (about 25-30min from start) you get to the top of Four Stones and the view is absolutely beautiful:

View from Four Stones towards the west (Wales)

The summit (if you can call it a summit) of Four Stones has beautiful rocks on the top, almost like a small Stonehenge.

Stone circle on the top of Four Stones in Clent Hills

The stone circle on the top of Four Stones