Monte Calamorro


Time: 4 and 1/2 hours

Start Point: Benalmadena train station



All the way down to the south of Spain lies a beautiful stretch of mountains on Costa del Sol.

Millions of tourists come down to Costa del Sol every year to rest and get some sun but hardly anyone takes time and effort to visit the mountains.

Very close to Benalmadena (about 20min by train from Malaga) lies a beautiful mountain called Monte Calamorro (770m).

It's quite a popular mountain because one can take a cable car to the top

I, obviously, chose to climb the mountauin. And I did it in December (still beautiful weather by North European standards) and it was so quiet.

How do I get there?

The quickest way to get there is to fly to Malaga and then take a train from Malaga airport to Benalmadena - here's the timetable for the line called C1 Malaga-Fuengirola.

Once you get to Benalmadena, you can walk or to cut the journey short and avoid climbing up the streets with a heavy backpack by taking a bus number 112 or 121 towards Mijas and getting off the bus at the bus stop called MONTE ALTO near Lidl.

Here's a map with the location:

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The Route

I started off from the bus stop by the Lidl and started walking up Avenida del Cosmos and then taking the road underneath the motorway and then Avenida Romeral.

Here's the initial route to get you into the mountains:

Route to Monte Calamorro, Spain

After you passed underneath the motorway, you keep going up the hill all the time (you'll be doing it for about 2 and 1/2 hours until you reach the top of Monte Calamorro) following Avenida Romeral and then on the top when you get to a T-junction you turn left into Calle Oregano.

Calle Oregano will lead you to the path which will take you to the mountain. Follow Calle Oregano to the end and at the end take the path. The path goes most of the time next to the cable car (unfortunately) but if you do it very early in the morning, like I did, it won't be running and it'll be nice and quiet.

Here's the view of Benalmadena and the coast from the path just above Calle Oregano:

The route is quite pleasant. It climbs up all the time but that's normal. Benalmadena lies right by the sea and Monte Calamorro is 770m high so there's quite a bit to climb.

You just take it easy and climb slowly up. There are views all around you most of the time.

Here's what the path looks like from above:

As you climb up you get to the point where there is a cross and some kind of a chapel, as shown in the picture below. When I was there it was closed so it wouldn't be useful for hiding if it suddenly starts raining. Otherwise, there is nowhere to hide if you get caught by bad weather so keep this in mind.

Here's the cross and the chapel:

After about 1 hour and 30 minutes of climbing up (from Lidl) you get to a point where you can climb to the summit by going left or right. Careful with the maps. I had 2 digital maps with me (one using OpenStreetMap data and one Spanish map) and the Spanish map was showing the path that doesn't exist going straight up the mountain... OpenStreetMap shows correct paths going around the mountain left or right and then to the summit from the north side.

I took the path to the left leading to the pass, which then leads you to the summit.

Here's the path:

Once you're on a pass (marked with letter "i" on a map), you just go to the top of the mountain where hopefully you get beautiful views. All I could see when approaching the pass was the clouds and a very strong wind:

And then, off you go down back to the sun and sunny sandy beaches of Costa del Sol