Drum - Snowdonia


Time: 3 hours

Start Point: Llanfairfechan



Drum massif in the north part of Snowdonia is a very much quieter part of the mountains than the Snowdon area (obviously, Snowdon being the highest peak in Wales and having a cable-car).

If you're after exploring the mountains and enjoying being close to the nature, without the crowds (and mountain huts or shops ;-) ) than this is a route for you.

How do I get there?

A good starting point is Llanfairfechan on the northern ridge of the massif - you can find a link to the map with the location on the top of the page.

As a starting point for the walk I chose crossroads of Newry Drive and Valley road (there's a small parking area on Newry Drive next to the bridge).

Here's a map with the location:

Ideal starting point might be Terrace Walk (you'd walk through it if you start where I started) but Terrace Walk is a very narrow lane with not much space for manouvering. There is a small parking on Terrace Walk opposite start of the walk.

The Route

The route is a very pleasurable one, with quite an ascent at the beginning. As with all walks in Britain, you need to be very careful as there are hardly any signs. Always have a good map with you - ideally Explorer series (1:25000) from Ordnance Survey. For this walk, this one: Snowdon OL17.

That's what the route looks like and that's the kind of signs you can expect on the route:


After about half an hour of quite a steep ascend, you get to the top and then for quite some time the route goes quite straight. It's when you get very close to Drum the route starts getting up the hill again.

But just before you start climbing up Drum, you get these beautiful views all around you:


The lake in the mountains that you see in the above picture is Llyn Anafonm, which is situated below Llwytmor (849m).

The route passes quite close to the lake (as you can see from the image) but you would need to go down the hill and climb up a bit to get to the lake. There is a route to the lake which starts from Abergwyngregyn (see the map below):

As you go through Pan-Bryn-Du and then the route goes just below the summit of Drosgl (621m), the route starts going up the hill and you approach the summit of Carnedd Y Ddwelw (678m). You can see the route on the map above, marked in brown dashed lines.

Now, it's about 30min walk to the peak of Drum (770m) - our final destination (well, you'll need to get back but that's just the same way but going down).

Ascent to the summit of Drum isn't too difficult, you just need some fitness and energy.

Here's the summit of Drum as seen from Carnedd Y Dwelw:

There are some beautiful views all around from the summit so enjoy them before you return. Or you can keep walking towards the summit of Foel Fras (942m) which I'm planning to do next time.

Now it's just a matter of turning back and returning to the base, which shouldn't take you more than an hour.