Great Javornik (Jawornik Wlk.) - G. Zlote


Time: 4 hours

Start Point: Zloty Stok



Great Javornik (Jawornik Wielki (PL) ) is not a typical mountaineering destination as it's not really high or exciting, there aren't any hotels or mountain huts. But it's a beautiful walk in a beautiful forest and if you take the walk early in the morning it's quiet.

When I took this walk, on a beautiful warm Sunday morning in August, I met maybe three or four people on the route.

How do I get there?

You need to get to Zloty Stok and it's easiest to drive there or you can take a bus. There used to be a train connection into Zloty Stok but it's been discontinued decades ago.

If you're getting to Zloty Stok from somewhere far, and you're coming by public transport, you'll need to get to Wroclaw or Opole first.

Here's a map with the location of Zloty Stok:


The Route

The route from Zloty Stok to Great Javornik is quite a new one. For many years there was no route to the peak of Great Javornik, probably because all the forest covering Great Javornik burned down sometime in the 80s I think.

Note: For all my Polish friends, I'm writing the name of the peak as Javornik and not Jawornik as it's written in Polish because if I write it as Javornik then everyone reading it in English will pronounce it in the same way we pronounce it in Polish.

Now, all the forest grew back. I was amazed at what I saw. The entire mountain covered in beautiful forest :-)

This is the map of the route I took (the red route shown here), which leads from Zloty Stok through Zloty potok (Golden stream) valley (click on the image to see the entire route):

In about an hour and a half you reach Przelecz pod Trzeboniem (the pass).

There is a beautiful little space to relax, have some food before climbing the Great Javornik.

Here's what the pass looks like:

From the pass, you start going in the direction where I was standing taking the picture above.

Now, it's about 30min walk to the peak of Great Javornik (Jawornik Wielki). On your route, about 10min into your walk, you get to a clearing in the forest with some beautiful views over the northern part of the "Golden mountains" - Gory Zlote, like in the picture here:

After another 5 minutes or so the path turnsw right into dense forest and climbs slightly up to the top of the mountain which you reach after about another 15minutes or so.

On the top of Jawornik Wielki, there is now a viewing platform, where you climb up to admire beautiful views from above over the northern part of Gory Zlote (Golden mountains)

This is the top of the mountain, with the platform in the background:

And this is the magnificent view from the platform (click on the image to see the big version):