Buying a Tent?

Your tent is going to be your "home away from home".

It's important to pick up a right tent and while you're doing it consider many tent's factors like size, weight and the strength of the tent.

As you start looking for a tent and you start browsing through catalogues (or most likely websites nowadays), there are a few things to look at:

When looking for a tent, there are 2 types of tents (shapes) to consider:


Tunnel tent

Tunnel tent is the quickest one to pitch. It's also the simplest (and hence quickest). These tents usually have very few poles, which also makes them the lightest.

Quite often they would also have storage areas, which makes them great for storing bagpacks on longer trips.


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Semi-geodesic tent uses poles that cross over, which makes for a stronger structure. This kind of tent will better withstand stronger winds.

These tents usually weigh a bit more and take a bit longer to pitch but will be better for your mountain trips.