Lidl Waterproof Boots

Lidl waterproof bootsDesigned to be lightweight and comfortable while maintaining being waterproof and breathable, are these Lidl boots good enough to compete with other waterproof boots?

Every year hill walking / mountaineering boots are getting lighter and more comfortable. And there's so much choice in boots nowadays. Even in waterproof and breathable boots department.

Is it worth to spend £150-200 where one can get boots like these ones from Lidl for £16.99?

Lidl waterproof boots

We've always been looking for lighter walking boots when out and about. It's no fun walking in boots that weigh 2kg (unless you're walking in snow/winter conditions and you want to attach crampons so you need a more sturdy sole).

This makes lightweight boots a very popular choice. And they're usually much cheaper. But saying that, they still vary in price. One can get boots like these for less than £20 or buy similiar boots from well known brand for close to £100.

Initial Impression

As you know, if you have been following my posts and videos, I have had Lidl boots before and I was very happy with them. They lasted for 11 years(!) and they went with me all over Europe on my mountain trips so I bought these boots without hesitation.

On initial inspection they look well made, are leightweight and they're comfortable.

On the first test, in 30 minut walk in light rain, they proved to keep waterproofness but I willl give them proper test once it starts raining properly. So far so good as my last expensive boots leaked and made my feet soaked after just 10-15 minutes of walking in wet grass... These Lidl waterproof boots are fine now.

Once I get a chance to test them properly (probably within a month or so) I will give you more information and I'll keep testing them hopefully in coming years.