Guide to Insulation

Buying some warm clothing this winter?

Do you want to know more about jackets and insulation? Then read on to find out more and make a decision before you buy.


Before you buy there's something you'l need to decide on:

Down jackets

Down jackets are the best insulation coming from our mother nature. It's normally made form faethers - either goose or duck. Down jackets create an area inside that traps the body heat and the air. At the same time they're very breathable. They're very compressible and have a very good warmth-to-weight ratio. All these make them a great choice for cold winter months.

They can be susceptible to damp, however, modern down jackets have some kind of treatment to make them more resistant to damp.

Synthetic jackets

Synthetic jackets use insulation that tries to imitate the insulation from down jackets. They're usually made from polyester fibres. Synthetic jackets are not as effective as down jackets, however they are more resistant to damp, moisture than down jackets. They also dry faster when wet and they stay warm even when they wet unlike down jackets.

Synthetic jackets are also typically cheaper than down jackets saving you money. And they're also hypoallergenic .