Conquering Himalayas in Winter

HimalayasAs our Polish Himalayan team is attempting to conquer K2 - for the first time in winter (this has never been done before!) - a reflection on the history of conquering Himalayan 8000m peaks in winter.

Back in '80s Andrzej Zawada wrote an article about winter on Noszak and he wrote that climbing mountains in winter was giving him the most satisfaction because it's so much more difficult than climbing in summer.

In 1987 Polish team together with British and Canadian (because of the expense) are attempting to climb K2 in winter for the first time. By that time, Polish climbers had climbed six 8000m peaks in winter already:

This expendition didn't end with success and now Polish climbers are trying to climb K2 once again.

Even though they hadn't reached the top of K2, they went higher than anyone else before in Karakorum. They reached 7200m, which was an achievement in its own rights. Something that hasn't been achieved before.

And now, all these years later, there's still one unconquered 8000m peak - K2.